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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Little Girl

Little girl how you like to be bad

Little girl how you make me so mad

Little girl for your future your care is so small

Little girl I doubt you care at all

Little girl your decisions hurt

Little girl so do the words that you blurt

Little girl your choices are shady

Little girl you should act like a lady

Little girl your hurting I understand

Little girl don't throw away your life for a man

Not the one that raised you

Not the one that lifts you off your feet

Not the ones that do what you do

Not any of the ones you meet

Little girl he's just a boy

Little girl he's not a toy

Little girl he's dangerous you'll see

Little girl don't end up like me

Little girl I tried to warn you

Little girl, I was little once too


  1. For some reason I keep trying to sing this poem. Nice blog!

    New follower,
    LJ from Cause I Say SO