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Monday, October 22, 2012

The Journey of a Soul

"Should I?" I wondered, as I walked out of the viewing circle and towards my soul mate. He opened his arms and I stepped into his embrace, comforted by his presence. I knew beyond anything else that he truly cared for me, and I could see how worried he was for me.

"How long is this mission?" Aidan asked.

"Eighty-Seven years and twelve days; Earth time, of course,"
I said.

"Just a drop in the hat for us, love," Aidan said, gently stroking my arms, sending a thrill of comforting feelings washing through my body.

"I know, but I wish there was a way to take you with me. Even when I'm looking eternity in the face eighty-seven earth years seems like an excruciating time to be without you." Tears were filling my eyes now but I willed them away.

"It's not what fate has permitted," Aidan said, his blue-gray eyes shining down on me.

"It just sounds miserable," I sighed.

"You'll be back in my arms before you know it," he said, but as the words left his mouth he was staring at the portal that was growing brighter by the second. I knew he was afraid that I would also be lost in the life of the new era, and the thought sent panicked gusts of oxygen through my diaphragm. I had to change the subject.

"My favorite mission will always be 1912," I said, and I could feel my own starry eyed expression as I stared up at him.

"Ah, mine too, love." They were hard times, but it was a much more simple time that what you are going into now."

"It was better because we were together in that life. Will you watch me this time?" I asked, hopefully.

"Of course; I'll watch you every second. I'm proud of you darling. It will be hard to watch you loving someone else, while I'm on this side loving you - wanting you - and knowing that I can't have you. It will be hard watching you search for something that's missing knowing that thing is me, knowing you'll never find what you're looking for. I'll watch you struggle knowing that I can only help you a small amount from this side," Aidan said, melting my heart.

"Thank you," I said. "The others need me, they're lost." I added, implying that I would never leave him without very good reason.

The light of the portal had morphed his eyes into two glowing orbs. He smoothed my raven colored hair, and the look on his face faded my aura.

"Sweetheart," I said, my voice sounding pitifully weak.

"Millicent, I know you are strong; you're stronger than even you know, and when this life is over we can rejoice once again.

"Indeed," I answered.

I walked over to the portal dread filling me, but joy knocking on the door to my heart. Help is coming my beloved, you are not in this alone.

I stepped through the portal and was sent spiraling into a dark tunnel. My head, my body was squeezed tight. I couldn't move and the cold was ascending on me. The freezing sharp sting of the cold hit my scalp first, and that's where it stayed until it shot over my entire body engulfing me.

I screamed, as the cold set my skin into an icy fire. I was gagging and choking as beasts of Earth shoved devices into my mouth and nose. They poked and cut at me and the entire time I was freezing and screaming and grieving for the love I was missing in eternity.

Through the agony I heard Molly's sweet voice.
"Her name is Millicent," she said, and as Aidan faded from my mind I knew that my mission had begun.


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