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Saturday, June 22, 2013

    Picture: Antonio (Fatty) Spears


Today I would like to feature writer, college student and former fighter Antonio Spears on my page. I love inspiring work and loved the raw truth that rings through so clearly in his work. Enjoy!

The Cycle

Being where we’re from… what we go through is just a routine

We see gang violence.. racist cops.. and everything in between

So I sit back in wonder…. how’d it all come about

Then I realized the ghetto is to old for me myself to figure it out

This constant theme of violence has been going on for years

Aspects like Guns gangs and drugs has taken so many people tears

We see R.I.P written on walls… facebook….twitter ….it’s
everywhere we go

Waking up seeing the news cause us to show sympathy to families
we don’t even know

I wonder if I’m the only one that thinks it’s time for the madness to

A generation dies off… but the ghetto isn’t worried… it just breeds a brand new crop

We start off lost in a system…. with some that can’t find their way

We learn the wrong ways to live and those ways causes us to stay

My generation is being taught by people that were never taught properly

And their generation were taught by even older cats that wasn’t taught properly

We’re being raised by the streets there’s no father figure in our lives

We’re taught by the OG’z and they say only the strong will survive

So violence erupts and before you know it your in and out of jail

Then you realize the stuff you were taught was all fake because
the hoods never there for your bail

Its hard to see us all fall for this same old story
the selfishness of the ghetto causes us to fall into the same

once you step foot in jail society no longer wants you

you see your family struggling so you do what you were taught too

after you make the decision the cycle starts over and the warrants start to pile

now the kid that grew up with no father…… is now the father not there for his child

Monday, June 17, 2013