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Saturday, June 16, 2012

This short story is from a writing challenge on Webook. I had to create a world and end it in 300 words or less:

Writing Challege - Rules: Create a world and destroy it in 300 words. 
Here is my short story!

Beyond the Ice Flowers

Kava Koto was one of the most amazing places that I had ever seen. It was one of the three planets in the tri-sphere universe. They served as Earths vacation destinations, until Earth's demise in the year 2518. At one time it was considered our salvation, but could soon be yet an alternative ending to a tragic story, one that's fate has proven to be inevitable.

When you look beyond the ice flowers and crystal blades that line the ground of this cold planet and stare into the darkened sky you see what my ancesters on Earth called a volcano. It's beauty was only matched by it's danger. The entire planet could be obliterated by one large enigma stemming from it's core. The very same thing that provides warmth to the natives and allows them to live here could kill them in seconds with it's first and only eruption.

Bundled in my coat I watched as the Kotians gathered around the base of the volcano watching with an ease that made me cringe. It was the ease that someone had when they had accepted their fate and their death, which as of yet I hadn't done.

The humans were boarding a ship to leave the planet and had strongly urged the Kotians to do the same which they tragically refused. This was their planet and if it was going to die they would die with it. The volcano would soon spit lava and rage with anger melting the planet and it's inhabitants.

As our ship flew into space I looked back to see a bright red river explode into the air and I knew it was all over for my friends the Kotians. I closed my eyes and said goodbye to my ice cold friends with tremedously warm hearts.


  1. Love it (: Beautiful story and I know it must have been hard to write in only 300 words.

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  5. Wow this is a great activity and the writing is really poetic :)
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    Alex @ Possession of Books

  6. Thank you Alex! Great blog yourself...I am now following. Thanks for the compliment it is a common remark about my writing is that it is poetic. I appreciate it. :) Thanks for stopping by!!