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Monday, June 11, 2012

When Love Dies

I'd like to share  a poem from my new book with my members...

When Love Dies

When love dies, there’s no place to rest,
No bed, no ditch, no tree, no nest.
Your body’s a prison that won’t let you out,
To love, to cherish, to hug, to shout.

Your mom she drank, your dad he died,
When that happened, you remembered; you cried.
Never again your brain did say, will I stress out on a horrible day,
I won’t let it happen, I’ll keep my heart tucked away.

Behind lock and key for all of its life,
my body’s a zombie, I’m no kind of wife.
How to revive my once beating heart,
So that love can come in and my life can restart.

God is the locksmith to break the chains
Of all of the stains that have cause me much pain.
Now that I can feel this place is so scary
But love beats fear, so let’s love, and not be wary.

~Katie Hughart~


  1. It's amazing....I loved it.
    Your newest follower...

  2. Rose I currently have a contest going for book of the month for August and September. If you are a writer and have a book I would love to consider it! :) Thank you for your support!